The small paved parking lot on the corner of Wilmington St & Cabarrus St. is an ‘HONOR PAY’ parking lot. You must pay for a parking pass in this lot and place on your dash. Your Car may be booted if you do not purchase the pass. The boot removal fee is $50!!!!


There is FREE Parking in the parking deck across the street from 7PM-7AM.
*This may not be the case during special City events*

There is also free parking on the street as long as you do not park in a “NO-Parking Zone”.

There is parking available in the 2 gravel parking lots next to the club from 6:00PM to 6:00AM
but it is normally $5.

The Lincoln Theatre is located in downtown Raleigh at
 126 E. Cabarrus St. between Wilmington St. and Blount St.

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